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Mezzanine Floors

Industrial – Retail – Private

Mezzanine floors are often found in business premises like offices or warehouses. They are intermediate levels between the main floors of a building and are particularly useful to section off part of the space. They are ideal to create an individual office, a staff social area or even just for additional storage space.

The majority of the mezzanine floors fitted by Agrihaul are free-standing structures that are not fixed to the fabric of the building, however we can arrange for this where necessary. We design mezzanine floors for all sorts of applications, so whatever your requirement is, we’re sure we can meet it. The loading of these floors can range from 3.5kN/m² to loads in excess of 9.6kN/m² and are designed by us to suit your individual business needs.

Making the decision to expand your premises by fitting a mezzanine floor might seem like a daunting task, but at Agrihaul we make everything easy. As experienced specialists, we’ll go through each stage of the process with you, ensuring you’re fully clued up and can make the right decision for your business. We’ll go through everything from design, to approval, to final installation, allowing you to realise the full potential of your building.

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