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Specialist suppliers of bespoke gantries and balustrades.

Plus Repair and Fabrication Service.

We provide complete steel stairs, gantry and balustrade solutions for all kinds of spaces. We can replace your outdated or dangerous stairs, gantries and balustrades or create high quality steel stairs, gantries and balustrades for your new build. All design is bespoke. We also offer a full repair service.

Applications include, among others:

  • External and internal staircases and gantries
  • Fire escapes
  • Tower stair cases, gantries and balustrades
  • Stairs and balustrades for shopping outlets and supermarkets
  • Cat ladders and ship ladders

Our staircase and balustrade service begins with a visit from one of our experienced engineers. We measure your site and create a detailed specification of the engineering requirements. We then create preliminary drawings and fabricating drawings, which we share with you as part of your detailed quotation. Manufacture and installation is conducted by our skilled team, all of whom are professionally trained in their role and our excellent health and safety standards.

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